Why New Construction Is the Perfect Time to Design a Home Theater
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Why New Construction Is the Perfect Time to Design a Home Theater

Why New Construction Is the Perfect Time to Design a Home Theater

If you’re planning to build a new construction home or add an addition to your current home, now is the best time to design a home theater.

An average room is not built to accommodate a home theater's sound systems and video projection. When adding a home theater to new construction, you can ensure that the room will sound great acoustically and that all wiring will be optimal to support home theater technology.

Audio Video Protocol shows you why new construction is the perfect time to include a home theater!

New Construction Allows for Full Customization

When you partner with Audio Video Protocol, you will receive a luxury-tier consultation for your new home theater’s design and installation. Our expert technicians can help you design the home theater room with the best acoustics to amplify your surround sound speakers.

Our team will work closely with you to create a blueprint that includes all your entertainment preferences.

Sleek, Elegant Design

Building a home theater from the ground up means you have total control over the room's design elements. From paint colors and curtains to furniture and carpet or flooring, everything will be done just as you want it the first time around.

By building new, you can also ensure that your speakers and lighting are recessed into the walls rather than affixed to the walls, which helps complete that sleek design you’re going for. Audio Video Protocol has the expertise to help you make these important design decisions.

Proper Space Size

By building a new home theater during new construction, you have the chance to design the entire room down to the shape and size of the room itself. If you adapt an existing room, you cannot easily change the room's size.

A new room means you can ensure you have the space for enough recliner chairs or couches and all the other amenities that you desire.

Pre-Wired vs. Retrofit

Adding speakers, a projector or large TV, and remote-controlled screens means you need to have the room wired for all this technology. If you add a home theater to your new construction, you can have the room pre-wired for technology rather than retrofitting an existing room, which costs more.

You’ll also have a sleeker design because you won’t have to look at wires running from speaker to speaker around the room. Audio Video Protocol can help you decide on the proper wiring techniques, along with suggestions on the best speakers to compliment your home theater.

Faster Installation

Depending on the project scope, retrofitting a room to be a home theater can take longer than building a new room. Walls will not need to be torn out, which can sometimes expose other problems.

Building new means everything will be done correctly, and there won’t be any hidden surprises along the way.

Universal Control

Working with Audio Video Protocol means your home theater will be designed and installed to make you the director. Our experts excel at providing customized options for universal control over your home theater, where you can adjust every aspect of your home and theater room with a few taps of your fingers. You can turn your home theater into a smart home of the future.

Optimal Room Layout

When you design a home theater room during new construction, you can optimize the layout for the best acoustics. You can also improve the visual experience by arranging the furniture best to suit the size of your television or projector screen.

Energy Efficiency

New construction home theaters can incorporate energy-efficient features, such as lighting, HVAC systems, and insulation. Plus, when the room is included in the HVAC system installation, it will properly heat and cool to your specifications.

Plan for the Future

Home theater technology is always changing, and keeping up with it can be a challenge. By including a home theater system in your new construction, you can ensure your space is ready for advancements in technology, and you can plan the layout and wiring accordingly.

Smart Home Integration

Integrating smart home technology in a new home theater room is much easier with new construction. You can ensure all your devices have a place to go and a place to plug in. Plus, you can use smart light bulbs and automated blinds to elevate your home theater experience.

Increase Your Home’s Value by Adding a Home Theater

Not only does a home theater increase your enjoyment value, but it can also increase your home’s value. Home theaters can recoup approximately 65% of the money you put into it if you ever sell your home.

Not to mention, a home theater can increase the desirability of your home while on the market. This could ultimately mean you’d potentially make more money on your house than you would without the home theater.

Need Inspiration? We Have You Covered

When it comes to choosing the right technology for your home theater, Audio Video Protocol can help. We are experts who can help you decide between projectors and projector screens, surround sound systems, lighting, and acoustic panels. We can also help you choose which luxury seating to include in your home theater.

Receive a Quote Today for Your New Home Theater

 If you’re ready to add a home theater to your new construction build, contact Audio Video Protocol today. We’ll be with you every step of the way. We look forward to creating the home theater of your dreams!

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