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Whether it’s dimming the lights via voice command or installing motion detection lighting throughout the house, there are seemingly infinite ways to illuminate your home with innovative smart lighting. Set the mood, brighten the day, and increase safety with ease with a smart lighting system specifically designed to add more brilliance to your everyday life! Our experienced team installs custom lighting control technology designed to enhance your current living space.

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What Can Smart Lighting Installation Do for Your Home?

Home lighting automation brightens your house in more ways than one. It creates a completely customizable living experience that’s intended to simplify and enhance your daily routine, as well as make it easy to implement more eco-friendly, cost-effective improvements around the house.

When you need experienced home lighting automation services in Long Island or surrounding areas, choose Audio Video Protocol! In addition to all of our other smart home automation services, we specialize in designing and installing a variety of smart lighting control systems that can adhere to any of your technological, safety, or budgetary requirements.

We can implement any of the following lighting control technologies into your space!

Custom Smart Lighting Control

Never fumble around in the dark for a light switch again! With the command of your voice or the press of a touchscreen, you can control every aspect of your home’s lighting - no matter where you are. Audio Video Protocol installs innovative smart lighting control technologies, including voice command lighting systems and remote and mobile access lighting control, that allow you to adjust lighting with ease.

Motion Sensing Lighting Systems

Whether you’re looking to enhance exterior safety and security or hoping to light up your midnight downstairs journey to the fridge, motion sensing lighting systems can help out around the house in a number of ways. Install indoor or outdoor motion sensors to light up the area the instant they detect movement, so you, your family, and guests can be better aware of your surroundings.

Decorative Lighting Styles

Smart lighting systems don’t just brighten space; They breathe more life into it, from bold and beautiful lighting displays for hosting get-togethers to intricate dimming settings for ultimate relaxation. Let our team of expert lighting control system installers spruce up your house with decorative lighting styles from top name brands, perfect for creating any mood from room to room.

Energy Efficient Smart Lighting

If you could better brighten your place up while contributing to a more eco-friendly environment, why wouldn’t you? We can equip your home with the latest innovations in energy-efficient smart lighting systems. Reduce your carbon footprint and work toward lowering your overall energy and utility bills!

Total Lighting Control for Every Room in the House!

Imagine dimming the lights in your home theater room for movie night, brightening up the backyard for summer night hangouts, or illuminating the dining room for another scrumptious family meal.

With smart home lighting systems, you can light up any room or area in or outside of the house, any way you wish.

Home Theater Lighting

Imagine being able to set the ambiance for your home theater room from the convenience of your smartphone or mobile tablet! Our smart lighting control systems can make you the director of movie night, adjusting all your lighting settings with the swipe of a finger.

Interior Lighting Systems

Automated lighting gives you total control of customizing the lighting of every aspect of your home’s interior. Schedule different lighting settings for different times of the day, and adjust lighting accordingly for rooms that don’t receive any natural lighting.

Custom Bedroom Lighting

You shouldn’t have to only choose between on or off when it comes to your bedroom lighting! Smart home lighting systems can help you improve your sleep habits and general wellbeing by giving you more lighting options to choose from that adhere to your daily schedule.

Exterior Lighting Solutions

Lighting up the exterior of your home can help with everything from illuminating your landscaping to dissuading trespassers from entering your property. Make your home look more majestic with professional exterior lighting solutions!

Get a Smart Lighting Systems From Audio Video Protocol

Let’s enhance your living environment! With over a decade of experience in smart lighting system installation, Audio Video Protocol is proud to provide smart lighting solutions in Long Island, the Hamptons, Oyster Bay, and many other surrounding cities. Schedule a consultation with our smart home automation experts today!


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