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Guard Your Home With Smart Surveillance System Installation

  • Custom surveillance and CCTV Systems
  • Security systems accessible from any mobile device
  • Innovative equipment from top brands
  • Capability to pair with other automation systems

The smarter the home, the safer the home. When it comes to keeping your Long Island home or business as safe and secure as possible, many innovative smart surveillance systems are specially designed to make protecting what’s yours easy and accommodating. And when you partner with Audio Video Protocol, maintaining a safe environment means upgrading to the latest technology based on your budget and property requirements.

Let’s work together to assess your security needs and preferences! You can count on our experienced team to design and install a smart surveillance system that exceeds all your expectations.

Surveillance System Installer Long Island

Smart Surveillance Systems Designed for Peace of Mind

What exactly is a smart surveillance system? It’s security technology with a purpose, engineered to provide round-the-clock surveillance resources that are accessible and easy to use.

Smart home automation features make your at-home life more convenient, and our home security cameras are no exception. This technology makes keeping your house safe and secure easier than flicking on a light switch!

Contact Audio Video Protocol today to learn more about our professional home security camera systems! Our smart surveillance systems can offer all of the following features and innovations.

Access an Eagle’s Eye View From Anywhere

Choose surveillance equipment from the top brands in the security industry, with renowned picture quality and cloud-based data storage for saving footage. We’ll work with you to assess which areas of the house work best for home security camera installation, so you can always keep an eagle’s eye view of your home.

Get Mobile and Remote-Controlled Access

Whether you want to check in to see how your dog’s doing or you’re anxious about a package that’s been left on the front porch, all of our smart surveillance cameras come equipped with mobile and remote-controlled access. No matter where you are, you can always be on the lookout to ensure everything inside and outside your home is in order.

Experience Integrated Security Solutions

Your new smart surveillance system can be installed and integrated into your current smart home automation setup! With the swipe of your smartphone or the touch of your mobile device screen, you can adjust your home’s lighting control system, automated blinds, or any other home automation features to maintain maximum security.

Enjoy Free Quotes and Seamless Installation

When it comes to customer satisfaction, we stop at nothing to ensure you’re completely satisfied with all of our smart surveillance system services. We’ll start things off with a free quote for any of our security camera products, as well as review the best course of action moving forward with installation.

Once we get the go ahead, our team of home security specialists will get to work right away, letting you get better acquainted with your new smart surveillance system in no time.

Superior Security Courtesy of Audio Video Protocol

“Better safe than sorry” is our preferred approach when it comes to the security of your home or commercial property. At Audio Video Protocol, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to equipping your house with the latest in smart surveillance system technologies.

Schedule a consultation with our smart home automation experts today!


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