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5 Useful Home Automation Ideas

5 Useful Home Automation Ideas

Home automation is the way of the future. So much technology has been developed to automate your home and make your life more convenient. From smart doorbells to home security systems, there are plenty of smart home automation ideas that you can incorporate into your home.

Audio Video Protocol, your premier home automation company, is here to show you five useful home automation ideas to manage your home effectively.

1. Automatic Door Locks to Increase Security

Have peace of mind and increase your home’s security with an automatic door lock. Smart door locks are designed to lock automatically as you walk away from your home. You can also link your door lock to advanced geofencing technology, which allows you to program the system and lock all your doors, even if you’ve already driven away. You will no longer have to turn around and go back home to check and see if you’ve locked your doors.

2. Set Your Home Security System While Away

In addition to automated door locks, a smart home should always have a smart security system. These fully automated systems are linked together to provide your home with maximum security protection. From window sensors to cameras to glass break sensors, you can fully control and protect your home, even if you are away on vacation or at work.

3. Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors to Keep You Safe

Another smart home idea is incorporating smoke and carbon monoxide detectors into your home security system. Not only does this allow you to find out about a problem while you’re away from home, but you can also arrange to have your doors unlocked if a problem is detected. Getting out of the home in case of a fire or carbon monoxide is vital, and you don’t want your door locks slowing you down.

4. Smart Plugs for Convenience

Smart plugs are very useful for home automation. They allow you to control the flow of power to whatever devices are plugged into them, either through an app on your phone or using your voice when connected to a home automation system like Google or Alexa.

You can also program them to turn something on or off automatically. Some things you can automate with smart plugs are light fixtures, small appliances, or phone chargers.

5. Control Your Energy Use with Smart Lighting

There are many ways to automate your home’s lighting. Smart lighting systems are a convenient way to save money by remotely controlling whether they are on or off. By incorporating smart light bulbs and your home automation system, you can automatically control the lighting levels in different rooms with your voice or an app.

Like the smart plugs, you can also set lights to turn off or on at certain times during the day to make it easier when you come home at night or to turn off lights while you’re away.

Set Up Your Long Island Home Automation System

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with home automation possibilities, look no further than Audio Video Protocol. We’re dedicated to making your life easier by installing smart home systems in the Long Island, NY area.

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