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Illuminate the Outdoors With Professional Lighting

  • Get custom landscape lighting solutions near Long Island
  • Choose from industry-leading outdoor lighting brands
  • Benefit from energy-efficient outdoor lighting systems
  • Start with a free quote for any outdoor lighting project

Whether illuminating your backyard barbecue or keeping your commercial building safe and sound each night, a successful outdoor lighting setup enhances your Long Island property in so many ways. The right lighting setup accentuates its exterior features, transforming your outdoor space into a highlight of the neighborhood.

Audio Video Protocol’s team of landscape lighting specialists is ready to evaluate your outdoor lighting needs, assess your premises, and provide you with innovative lighting solutions that bring out the best in your home or commercial property.

Custom Landscape Lighting Ideas & Solutions

Each homeowner and commercial lighting customer has unique outdoor lighting needs. Our goal is to help you finally create that outdoor ambiance you’ve been dreaming of, giving you plenty of outdoor lighting design options that align with your aesthetics and budgetary preferences.

Our team of A/V experts excels at creating custom landscape lighting solutions that enhance the beauty and functionality of outdoor spaces. Showcasing landscape features, providing added security, and illuminating pathways; Whatever you seek, we'll work with you to design an outdoor lighting plan that complements your exteriors.

Why Work With a Professional Outdoor Lighting Company?

Choosing a professional outdoor lighting company like Audio Video Protocol ensures that your outdoor lighting project is in expert hands. We have the experience and knowledge to create stunning lighting designs that will also adhere to the practical requirements of your space.

Working with Audio Video Protocol will help you achieve the perfect outdoor lighting setup you’ve been looking for!

Outdoor Lighting Meets Smart Home Automation

Imagine having total control over your outdoor lighting with just a voice command or a tap on your touchscreen device. At Audio Video Protocol, we make this dream a reality.

We’ll be able to seamlessly integrate your outdoor lighting into your smart home automation system, allowing you to adjust the lighting, color, and ambiance with ease. Whether you're hosting a gathering, relaxing in your backyard, or setting the mood for a special occasion, you'll have complete control at your fingertips.

Custom Landscape Lighting Designs

Every backyard has different lighting needs. Our experts at Audio Video Protocol provide tailored solutions for your specific landscape lighting requirements, whether it's to accentuate unique features, improve security, or create a delightful ambiance.

We’ll work directly with you to make sure your outdoor lighting vision is completely realized!

Industry-Leading Outdoor Lighting Brands

When you choose to go with the best, you can rest assured they’ll also be working with the best! We only work with industry leaders like WAC Lighting and FX Luminaire, renowned for their high-quality, innovative lighting solutions.

With the best brands on the market, you can take comfort in knowing that your outdoor lighting will brighten up your backyard for many years to come.

Accentuate Landscape Features

Want your Long Island home to make a statement in the neighborhood? We’ll assess your backyard and premises to create a landscape lighting setup that’s sure to highlight the beauty of all elements of your outdoor space, such as gardens, patios, outdoor kitchens, sports courts, or any other essential architectural details.

Enhanced Security

Having the right outdoor lighting system will do wonders for improving security. Whether it’s illuminating walkways and potential blind spots for the added safety of you and your guests, to warding off intruders with state-of-the-art floodlighting, we know exactly what it takes to instantly enhance security. Keep a close eye on your property with video security cameras for the ultimate sense of security.

Balance Budget With Aesthetic

You don’t need to break the bank to achieve exceptional outdoor lighting results. Our outdoor lighting professionals will help you balance your aesthetic preferences and budget, guaranteeing you get the landscape lighting results you’re looking for – always within your preferred price range.

Energy-Efficient Lighting Options

You can keep your outdoor space illuminated all year long without having to worry about wasting electricity or your utility bill going through the roof! Let us help you explore all your options when it comes to energy-efficient outdoor lighting systems, helping you go green while saving more money in the long run.

Brighten Your Backyard With Audio Video Protocol!

Ready to enhance your outdoor space with stunning residential outdoor lighting? Contact Audio Video Protocol today to get started on installing a transformative outdoor home lighting design that will instantly elevate your living experience and add more value to your property! Serving Long Island, Nassau County, and Suffolk County.


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