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Our phones, our TVs, even our kitchen appliances are connected to the internet! And if you’re constantly roaming around the house in search of a sufficient WiFi connection, you need a home networking company that can take your internet performance to the next level. Audio Video Protocol has over a decade of experience equipping homeowners in Long Island, the Hamptons and surrounding communities with the strongest internet connections possible through professional home network installation.

Ensuring your home or property has the perfect WiFi connection at all times is our top priority! Wifi Home Setup

What Can Superior Home Networking Services Do for You?

Whether you work remotely from home or “home” is rather remote itself, there’s no denying how much we depend on a strong internet connection to get us through the day. It’s easy to take a sufficient WiFi connection for granted, but once that connectivity starts to ftitleer, it quickly becomes an inconvenience that’s too noticeable to ignore.

As part of our smart home automation services, we install top of the line WiFi signal boosters and extenders that expand and strengthen the range of your WiFi signal. Experience a pristine connection anywhere inside or outside your house!

Our Home Network Installation Process

Learn more about our home network installation process, then contact us for superior home networking installation!

Initial Assessment

First things first: We’ll assess your premises, reviewing which areas in or out of the house are experiencing spotty connectivity, while taking notes on your WiFi performance needs. From there, we’ll go over our home network installation plan with you to ensure you’re completely on board with our assessment before moving forward.

Seamless Integration

Whether we’re doing away with your current WiFi setup in favor of a superior system or adjusting your current system with signal boosters or extenders, our team of professionally trained WiFi specialists will provide same-day network installation service. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate any new equipment or hardware with any technology that’s already installed.

Superior Security

At Audio Video Protocol, proper home network installation requires more than merely ensuring there's a strong WiFi signal running throughout the house. We’ll be sure to establish a superior cybersecurity system that will keep your connection and devices protected from any unforeseen threats.

Performance Testing

Once we’ve gotten everything setup and installed, it’s time to put our WiFi solutions to the test. We’ll evaluate the premises for connectivity performance, ensuring that you’re completely satisfied with our work. We never consider a project completed until our customer service has exceeded your expectations.

Choose Audio Video Protocol as Your WiFi Installation Company

You shouldn’t have to settle for anything less than the best when it comes to WiFi performance. When you need fast and efficient WiFi solutions, Audio Video Protocol has you covered! Contact us today to receive a free quote on any home network installation service.


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