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Climate ControlLong Island’s Best Smart Thermostat Installers

Stay Cool With Smart Thermostat Installation

  • At-home climate control via smart device or voice command
  • Seamless integration of your current HVAC system
  • Energy-efficient and cost-saving options
  • Service areas throughout Long Island and surrounding areas

Cool, calm, and comfortable are the three ingredients of any cozy household, which can be yours with a professional smart thermostat installation! As part of our innovative smart home automation services in the Long Island area, Audio Video Protocol offers automated climate control solutions to keep you cool all summer long and stay warm and snug throughout winter. No matter your cooling and heating preferences, our smart thermostat installation team can seamlessly integrate climate control technology into your current HVAC system. And with remote and mobile access, you can have total control of your home’s climate anywhere, anytime!

Climate Control

Smart Home Automation Climate Control Solutions

Gone are the days of crossing your fingers in hopes the AC or space heater won’t act up! Home climate control technologies give you the most precise and accurate interior temperatures possible.

Audio Video Protocol offers custom solutions to provide the most advanced climate control features for homeowners, builders, designers, developers, and architects.

Remote and Mobile Climate Control

You no longer need to turn the thermostat dial or punch in buttons to get the temperature or feel you’re looking for. Our smart thermostat models are compatible with any smartphone or mobile device, so you can adjust the temperature inside your home without even leaving the couch!

Automatic Temperature Sensors

Imagine living in a home smart enough to automatically adjust the internal climate to accommodate any rising heat or cold outside. That dream is now a reality with innovative smart thermostat technology! Automatic temperature sensors comfortably adjust your internal temperature to complement or counter weather conditions for all seasons.

Different Rooms, Different Climates

With smart thermostat technology, there’s no longer a “one temperature fits all” policy for heating or cooling your entire house. Adjustable humidity and temperature control features mean you can set different temperatures for different areas of the house, creating the perfect balance of comfort and coziness.

Optimal Energy-Efficiency

Whether you’re trying to reduce your carbon footprint or you simply want to lower your energy bill, smart thermostats offer automatic sensing and detections to ensure your home is running as efficiently as possible. You can set your thermostat settings ahead of time, so you can turn off your heating or cooling when you don’t need it running, saving you precious energy and money in the long run!

Superior Climate Comfort From Audio Video Protocol

A comfortable home is a happy home! One of the latest trends in smart home automation technology, smart thermostats give you ultimate control over your home climate.

Based in Plainview, New York, Audio Video Protocol offers custom climate control services throughout surrounding areas. We work directly with you to design and install smart thermostat systems that cater to your needs. Get in touch with our smart home automation professionals today!


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