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Surrounded by water, Oyster Bay Cove is a beautiful village in the town of Oyster Bay with many unique and beautiful homes. But what really sets your home apart from the others? Audio Video Protocol wants to take your Oyster Bay Cove home to the next level!

Located just a few hours from your community, Audio Video Protocol is your premier home theater and home automation partner. With over a decade of experience, our team provides free quotes on all fully customized home theater and home automation services. But we don’t stop once the installation is complete. Audio Video Protocol will be there for all your in-home theater and home automation needs.

For more information, call us at 1-800-729-5509 or use our contact form to send us a message!

What Is Home Automation?

Home automation is the system you choose to turn your home into a smart home. It consists of smart speakers, home security, smart thermostats and light bulbs, and much more.

You can control your home’s heating and cooling, monitor your home while on vacation, and ensure your lights are on or off. All these devices are linked together over your home Wifi and can be controlled by speaking to your smart speaker or using an app on your phone.

There are many systems to choose from, and Audio Video Protocol can help you determine which system best suits your needs!

Which Home Automation Systems Can I Choose From?

There are several different home automation systems you can choose from for your smart home. Depending on the system, some can work with devices outside of the brand. For example, SmartThings can work with Ring doorbells and Sonos products.

These are the top five systems:

  • Google Home
  • Amazon Alexa
  • SmartThings
  • Apple Homekit
  • Home Assistant

How Much Does Home Automation Cost?

The cost of home automation can depend on how large your home is and what features you wish to include. Homeowners can spend over $3,000 on home automation systems, and the costs will also depend on your home’s wiring system and layout. Some automation systems may have a monthly subscription cost which you should also consider when choosing a home automation system.

In addition, it is important to know if your home automation system adheres to code restrictions. For example, Oyster Bay Cove, NY, has specific requirements for home security systems. Audio Video Protocol can ensure that your system meets all code requirements.

Why Should I Have a Home Theater?

Home theaters bring the fun of a movie theater into the comfort of your home. Oyster Bay Cove, NY, residents must travel to another city to see a movie in theaters.

Having a home theater can save you a trip and allow you to watch your favorite movies and TV shows from the comfort of your own home. A home theater is a fun way to spend time with friends and family without the travel time.

What Does a Home Theater Include?

A home theater typically includes a large television, projector, screen, and DVD player or streaming device. You can have surround sound speakers in the corners of the room to give you that full, movie-going experience.

Dimmable lights can set the mood during the movie, so you’re not entirely in the dark. Comfortable recliner chairs or couches are a must. You can also include fun things like a popcorn maker, a fridge for beverages, and a candy station.

How Much Does a Home Theater Cost?

Some private home theaters can cost from $4,000 to $10,000 depending on your chosen equipment. If you want to increase the luxury, you can expect to spend over $10,000 on the home theater of your dreams. The costs include the equipment and labor for installation.

Start your home theater quote today!

Maximize Your Home’s Potential With Audio Video Protocol

Between a home theater and a new home automation system, you can maximize your home’s potential and bring yourself more comfort and enjoyment. Home automation makes your life easier, while home theaters make movie and television show watching even better than in a movie theater.

Call Audio Video Protocol today at 1-800-729-5509 for a free consultation, or send us a message! We look forward to working with you!

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